Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are Web Designers Getting too Lazy?!!

Recently, I changed the color scheme on my computer because I was literally starting to look like a raccoon (with incredibly dark circles under my eyes). Anyway, I changed the background color of all windows to black and the text color to light gray. After I made the changes, I started to surf the net to realize that so many websites don't specify the colors for the page background and/or the text. They leave them to the browser's default colors!! I had strange (and ugly) looking websites on my computer (sadly, so many of them for well-known and popular websites). I got some pages with white background (they specified the background color correctly) but with light gray for the text! which is almost unreadable. Some other websites had black for the text color and also black for the background! which is completely unreadable! (they specified the text color but not the background color), and many websites didn't specify both, so you have black background and light gray text with the images having white background which is really ugly!

What the heck is going on?! Are web designers getting so lazy that they decided to depend on the browser's default color settings as if they were hard-coded?!! Didn't it come to their minds that anybody can change the color scheme? It's only two lines in CSS for God's sake!!!!